10 natural ingredients. no water. no nasties.


We create waterless and truly natural skincare that brightens and nourishes even the most sensitive skin.

Love from our


  • This mask regulated my oily skin and dried up my acne gently. I now have brighter and smoother skin, minus the shine! POSITIVITEA is my holy grail that I cannot live without!

    Anna b.

  • My skin appears fairer and smoother with one use. Even though it felt very tight when the mask dried up but skin was still quite moisturised after removing. The scrub is very gentle yet effective.


  • My sensitive skin was not red or irritated at all! It felt smooth to touch after, and very cleansed. Love that it doesn’t make a mess like some clay masks I’ve tried, which have chunks of stuff in them that I worry would clog the sink. This is a super fuss free mask, highly recommend!


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