About Us


Katfood firmly believes in only putting on our skin what we feel safe putting in our mouths. We are committed to providing SAFE alternatives to big brand chemical beauty products that WORK. 




Katfood products are designed NOT to last 

All our products are handmade fresh with no chemical preservatives, and come in small quantities to ensure freshness and stability. As they aren't diluted with fillers, a little goes a long way :)


Katfood products are made with LOVE 

All our products are lovingly handmade fresh upon each order (with the occasional paw-tribution from our in-house cats). Expect very slight (if any!) variations from batch to batch, but never in quality!


Katfood is crazy for COCONUT oil! 

Most of our products contain coconut oil or some form of coconut, nature’s super gift to us!


Katfood uses only the BEST ingredients

Our key ingredients are 100% ORGANIC, RAW, UNPROCESSED and UNREFINED, so feel free to pamper yourself with our Kat treats! :) 


Katfood products are SIMPLE

LESS IS MORE. We keep our recipes short and sweet so you get more of each carefully curated ingredient in your Katfood products.



Please note that due to the nature of the products and because all our products are made to order, all sales are final.