What is waterless skincare?

Monica Goey

Here’s a scary reality: about 1.1 billion people around the world lack access to water and by 2025, about two-thirds of the world’s population will face water shortages. Considering that water is extremely important in sustaining life here on earth, it’s important we conserve every last bit of it, no?

When you check the back of your favourite skincare products you’ll usually find the first ingredient to be water or ‘aqua’ - yes, the 100 billion dollar skincare industry relies heavily on water as its main ingredient in most products. But having water in your skincare products is actually harmful for your skin and also for the environment. 


Why Water Is Widely Used

Most skincare products contain water because it’s cheap compared to other solvents. Water is mostly used to dissolve other ingredients and give the products their creamy, watery texture.


Why Water Isn’t Necessarily Good For Your Skin

Water provides an excellent medium for bacterias and other microorganisms to thrive which makes it super easy for your favorite skincare products to be contaminated. Thus, water-based skincare require the use of preservatives and other fillers in order to keep these bacterias from growing. However, these chemicals may cause adverse reactions on your skin such as irritation and allergic reactions. 

Water is also not exactly hydrating. Yes, it’s shocking but it’s true! Water-based skincare actually strips your skin’s natural oil because as the water evaporates, it takes your natural oil with it. 


Water-Based Products = Less Actives And Hero Ingredients

Do you know that water makes up about 70% of your usual water-based products? Leaving very little room for the good stuff (actives) - you know, ingredients that benefit your skin the most. This means that your products are extremely diluted which may affect their effectiveness. 

Waterless or water-free skincare eliminates water from your skincare products. When we do so, we use botanical extracts and other actives as the base, making it more concentrated and potent. This means that waterless skincare is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and good natural ingredients that can penetrate the skin easily to deliver clearer, brighter, and radiant skin. By adding just the water/liquid that you need to activate the waterless skincare at the point of use, the actives are kept fresher for longer too, without the need for chemicals!


Water And The Environment

Sustainability is often associated with ideas such as natural, vegan, and organic. But we can’t leave out water. Water is the most commonly used ingredient in beauty and skincare industries. Today, we are more mindful of what brands we support or products we purchase. By eliminating water in your skincare products, you help to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. Dry formulas such as powder do not require heat during production, which reduces energy consumption. Moreover, powder is also much lighter in weight which means it takes less energy to ship the goods, lowering its carbon footprint.

All in all, there are much more benefits of eliminating water in your skincare routine or skincare products. Not only do you get a much potent and effective product, but you also help to conserve water and be more eco-friendly!


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