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Super 3 Ingredient Face Mask!

Who doesn't love a super cheap, super easy, super yummy and super nourishing face mask?! Today we share with you our favourite DIY face mask made with just 3 ingredients readily available in your kitchen.

Honey Oatmeal Lemon Face Mask


1 tablespoon of honey (raw is best! If not, manuka is good too - that's what we used in the picture)

1 teaspoon of finely ground oatmeal

1 tea spoon of fresh lemon juice

optional: a few drops of vitamin e oil

(these proportions are not fixed and can be varied...

Using Lemon Peel as a Facial Treatment!

We at Katfood use A LOT of lemons in our daily life - lemon-infused water is a staple and we often add a few drops of lemon juice in our daily facial cleansing ritual. Lemons are a major source of vitamin C and can provide a lot of skin benefits. We love lemons so much that we do not waste any part of it. Not even its peel!

Lemon peel may help to enhance the clarity, glow and softness of the skin. Use lemon peel to rub on dry or scaly skin to regain its smoothness and softness....