Get coconut candy-licious lips with this homemade lip-scrub recipe! 
      • 1 Tbls unrefined organic coconut oil 
      • 1 Tbls raw honey (manuka!)
      • 2 Tsp brown sugar

1. Blend your coconut oil and honey until smooth and creamy. (the coconut oil should be soft but solid to start – so if it’s melted, knock it in the fridge for 15 minutes before you blend)
    2. Once you have your creamy base – mix in your sugar and flavors, if you choose.
      3. Pack it in your jar and store it in the fridge – lasts for up to 2 weeks
        To use: Simply scoop out a little bit and start scrubbing! I’d say to rinse it off, but who are we kidding, I lick it off!

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